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Company Profile
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ZHEJIANG YULIN MACHINERY CO., LTD was found on 2004, covered an area over 20,000㎡,located at Jiangshan Zhejiang(Near by Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu).Yulin has more than 150 skillful workers, with the production capacity of more than 50,000pcs per month.We are specialized in garden tools:Gasoline Chain Saws, Brush Cutters, Hedge Trimmers, Earth Augers,etc.
YULIN owns professional production equipments and clean workshop ,creative technical design team and famous band WINF,strict quality control system to ensure the quality of every machine.Yulin Passed ISO9001,CE,GS,EMC,EURO-Ⅱ,EPA.etc.We also have cooperation with Zhejiang Machinery Research Laboratory as well as long-term cooperation with WALBRO, OREGON, CARLTON and TIGER.
YULIN keeps 21% market share in China mainland and has good partnership with leading distributors in Spain, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, Brazil, etc.,gains good reputation.
Quality and after-services is Yulin’s life,we will sustain effort for every good machine and offer the best solution for every client.
Welcom to us, we will be your reliable partner and good friend!